A pound of gold isn’t as satisfying as a cup of water. 

The effort inside can be enthusiastic but the pains are traumatic. 

Forever and ever isn’t the reciprocal of immortality,

Neither familiarity with love would make it immortal. 

Longevity is a gift not a treasure. 

Death resistance is never pills for eternity. 

Moral doctrine is the only recipe for long life.,

Quest for Trinity creates a trivial dietie. 

Immortality is a tale for creator not creation.



Moving to and fro with splashes of rainbow. 

sensitive when falling, 

less detective when landing. 

Transparent in nature ,

opaque on creation. 

slow to fall,

faster than the blink of eyes, 

precious in motion but selfish in action. 

touching my skin with sequence of question. 

socking my day with series of answers,

smaller in status

gold for a ransom,

coming as a team but working as our slaves,

cure for our thirst and a drop for our success.